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To provide financial inclusion and empowerment for the un-banked.


Our mission is to improve the financial landscape through the globalization of simple peer-to-peer transactions in the cryptocurrency space.


  • eShill is an innovative, disruptive, community-focused, decentralized finance (Defi) token built on the Ethereum Network (ERC20), with future plans to bridge to the Binance Chain Network.

  • eShill is a cryptocurrency that has been developed to give financial inclusion and empowerment to everyone; especially the unbanked in developing countries.

  • eShill will enable we the ordinary people, traders, crypto enthusiasts, and other humans to transact as a currency.

  • eShill will provide transaction accounts that allow people to store cryptocurrencies, send and receive payments. A gateway to other financial services globally.

  • eShill will create a platform for free market.

  • eShill plans to be used for remittances and act as a marketplace for the unbanked.

  • Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP): every transaction (buy/sell) contributes towards generating a robust liquidity pool for exchanges.

  • RFI Static Rewards: a percentage every transaction (buy/sell) is redistributed back to holders.

  • eShill will drop 10,000 unique Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

  • eShill plans to develop an NFT marketplace to help artists and NFT enthusiasts from developing countries to promote their work

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