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Get on the eshill train for financial freedom

1. Purchase Ethereum

Sign up for an account on a centralized exchange that has a fiat (dollars or applicable currencies) to cryptocurrency such as Coinbase, Binance,, or Kucoin and complete all necessary steps to set up your account. Once account is setup, deposit/transfer fiat to your account and purchase desired amount of Ethereum (ETH).

2. Create an On-CHhain Wallet

Follow instructions and steps to create an on-chain ETH wallet on Metamask (add extension to your browser) or Trust Wallet (Download on Android or iOS); make sure you write down your pass phrases and store in a save location

***Do not use wallet that’s on a centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, etc. ***

3. Deposit ETH into Your Metamask or Trust Wallet

Transfer/Deposit purchased ETH to your Metamask or Trust Wallet. There are several resources on YouTube to show you how to transfer ETH from one wallet to another wallet.

4. Connect Your Wallet to Uniswap via Metemask

Go to Uniswap on your browser and click on the launch app button. Click on connect wallet and follow Metamask prompt to connect your wallet to Uniswap. If you are on a mobile device, you will use the wallet connect features.

5. Import eShill Token To Uniswap

Import eShill token contract by pasting eShill’s official contract address into the search bar in “select token” on Uniswap. eShill official token will pop up, click import button.

6. Swap ETH for eShill

Enter the desired amount of ETH you want to use to purchase eShill. Be sure to leave some ETH to accommodate the network fees. Click Swap button. It will take a few min for the transaction to be confirmed and eShill token automatically transferred to your wallet.

7. Add eshill To You Wallet

eShill tokens should already be in your wallet once transaction is confirmed. If not, go to “Add Custom Token” on your wallet application and paste contract address (Token Name, Ticker Symbol, and Decimal if applicable). Click Save.

8. Connect Your Trust Wallet to Uniswap

At the bottom of your trust wallet is “DApps”. Click on it, scroll down to “Popular” or “Exchanges”, Open Uniswap. Follow steps 5 to 7 above to swap your Eth for eShill tokens.

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